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The colour of Pakistan and the hearts of people of Pakistan is green.

The colour would talk and a fragrance would come out of it.

Let us talk to the green colour. When we shall talk with it we shall see that a fragrance comes out of it. We shall easily under stand it if we think of life, prosperity, pollution free atmosphere , pure thoughts and look at the green signal of a road crossing. The green signal indicates that we can pass it calmly without any fear or danger. With this reference to the green signal Pakistan should also be a peaceful country secure and free from all dangers for its citizens. The people here should work with full zeal, discharge their responsibilities and then lead a life of peace and tranquillity. But what has happened here these days. If we look at the present condition we find that in their hearts the people of Pakistan have lost interest in the green colour and have become fond of yellow and red colours. The reason is that some people have discredited the natural green colour and made it dull and unpopular. Every where people are getting red and yellow and spreading the stink of sectarianism. Some where there is colour of provincialism, and some where there are linguistic differences. Now who can make them understand that if they try to trespass the yellow or red light they would end up in collision. The blood will be spilt on the road and where ever this collision would happen it will not be a pleasant one. It would be dangerous and sorrowful. No body thinks that this collision is the result of ignoring the green light. After green light a yellow light comes which warns you and makes you careful that you should be prepared to put your life on stake in the red light.. The green light signifies the third principle of Quaid-e-Azam which is discipline that we should proceed under a system, a law, a control and an order. The green light remains on for this purpose. One should cross it with care and safely and move onwards to the destination. But when yellow or red lights are on then it means that your are no more allowed to move. If we examine carefully we find that in Pakistan red, yellow or green lights perpetually remain off . Sometimes it is a black out, or a power shut down or a load shedding and at places the fuse is off. Under these circumstances how can we improve the traffic system of Pakistan and if we can not run this system of traffic lights how can we run Pakistan. In our beloved country the balance between red, blue and green lights has gone of the hook for such a long time. The lights of the road can be repaired any time but the real balance lies in our minds and it is imperative to repair it first of all. There are many patriots and architects of the nation who are trying to switch on the lights of the nation. Many patriotic intellectuals are drawing the attention of the common and elite Pakistanis towards this problem. I am one such weak and humble person sitting far away from the country who wants that the generator of their minds and hearts should be switched on to restore the flow of current to their minds and they have a sense of realisation that if the lights of the minds are switched off then the lights of the roads become meaningless. If we do not have any feeling for red , yellow or green lights then terrible accidents can happen as the one happened on 16th December 1971– the Fall of Dacca which resulted in the loss of half of our country .

The poet had so beautifully written:

Whether a storm comes or a wind strikes we have to keep the light on
We bore so much pain for this house, after all it is our home.

This Pakistan is our home. We have to keep the light on in it at all cost and giving every sacrifice. Those Pakistanis, who do not have any realisation of it, should come out of the country and see. The people think that the oil of its lights have finished because some of our compatriots have plundered it and rendered it poor. But we have to give every sacrifice to rekindle its light and we will continue to do so.

Presently there is a military dispensation in Pakistan. After extinguishing the red light a yellow light has been switched on which is a warning for us that we should be careful and remain beware of the enemies of the nation plunderers and looters hidden with in our own ranks. We are not pessimistic. The green light will soon be kindled which will make the paths of the people easy to tread. And in this atmosphere if the light of any Pakistani is on he should provide power to his Pakistani brothers so that they could switch on their lights as well and develop a sense of realisation for the interest of the country. If you agree with me then I shall request you to pray to Almighty God after Namaz (prayers) that He may grant us the light and kindle the lights within ourselves so that the candles of our conscience light up and we could brighten the future of our country. But for this light and power we shall have to bow before the God Almighty. I tell you it is an easy way. The power connection from God Almighty can be obtained free of charge and for power connection from WAPDA we have to submit many applications, to bribe many people and to beg them over and over again.

Pakistan is a God- gifted country. This has been specially granted by Almighty God.The God granted capability to Quaid-e-Azam that he was able to carve out this country on the world map. The God gave us a big country which has every resource and weather. On this land every blessing of God could be found. But we lost His way and started sowing the Satan?s crops here instead of God?s products. Tell me, are dishonesty, faithlessness, deceit, corruption and plunder of country?s resources God?s gifts?
Are deceit, trading in narcotics, anti-national activities, smuggling, fraud, theft and robbery the professions of Muslims? We Pakistanis are all party to these sins in one way or other. We have already received enough punishment for this. We talk of Islam but the blessings of Islam have turned their back on us. We attend Haj Baitullah every year in large numbers but we do not have a single good characteristic of a Haji. But we are not disappointed because still there are many among the 140 million people of Pakistan who are beacon of light of the teachings of God and the holy Prophet(PBUH). We should collectively try to reform those who are wrong. No one shall come from heavens now to reform us We have before us the book of God and the teachings of holy Prophet(PBUH). We have the sayings of founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. We have to reform ourselves in the lights of these things.

The process of reforms has been initiated under the leadership of the Chief Executive of Pakistan General Parvez Musharraf. It is the our desire and that of every patriotic Pakistani that this process should proceed faster and more strongly. No corrupt should be pardoned. Now the Supreme Court has granted powers to the Chief Executive to bring about lot of reforms in the country. We pray that God should give them will to guide General Parvez Musharraf and his well-intentioned colleagues to tread the right path and reform the conditions of this God-gifted country. (Amen)


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    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enlhiatlrng!

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