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We were caught in such a triangle of democracy, socialism and Islam that every leader and guide deceived us. They increased the distance of our destination and made our journey vain. But the philosopher of the nation had diagnosed the ailment of 140 million people of Pakistan with the exchange of a few dialogues. As I had written earlier my grand father (May he rest in peace )was a very expert (competent) and down to earth physician. Instead of treating the patient he would cure the disease. Once a patient came to him when I was present there. God knows what was his ailment. He told that he had consulted all allopathic doctors and has tried homeopathic as well as indigenous medicine without any results. My grand father asked him ,Do you feel hungry? .He said ?I do not eat any thing for two days.? My grandfather said, OK .Use this medicine with hot milk for three days in early morning and at night before going to bed.? Then he ordered his assistant to bring hot milk from the milk shop and administered him one dose of the medicine. Next day when the patient came my grandfather told him to come back after using the medicine for three days. A friend of my grandpa was sitting there he said ,Why don?t you listen to him? My grandpa said, ?I have given him a laxative. His stomach will be free from impurities in three days then I shall listen to him.? And when that patient returned after three days his condition was much better because most of the impurities had been removed from his body. What sort of democracy we talk about? Socialism or Islam, all these can affect us when the impurities are drained out of the body. When our stomach will be clean then the liver would work. Then the blood circulation in the heart will be normal. When all the dirty gases will be discharged from our stomach then our mind will work in peace. Ignorance for a nation is like constipation. The indigenous physicians especially my grandpa used to call it the mother of all diseases.
After the dialogue with Allama Iqbal I have reached the conclusion that for our nation illiteracy is the mother of all diseases. As long as we shall not get rid of it we shall not prosper. There is a Japanese saying that the frog of a well considers well as an ocean. There is a similar saying in Urdu also. We also call an uneducated man with limited knowledge as frog of a well. And in Japanese the same saying exists similar connotation. Because some one who lives in a well has not seen the ocean and the one who has seen the ocean would not call a well as an ocean. He has the idea how big is the ocean. The same was true for me when I was in Pakistan but then I took a big jump and came to Japan. After coming here I found out the difference between a well and an ocean. And after coming here I remembered the verse of Allama Iqbal that is
?There are more worlds beyond the stars?
Concealing the moon and star of Pakistan in my heart and sticking it on the collar of my coat I got the opportunity to confront not only the Japanese but American and European oceans, cold winds and waters. Then I learnt a lot from the life. I faced lot of hurdles in life. I undertook arduous journeys. But my intentions were good. And that is why God was very kind to me. I feel myself in the lap of the almighty God who is the creator and the only one to be worshipped and am living under the umbrella of his safety. I am doing all this with the hope that almighty God might appreciate my sincere effort.
We were talking of democracy so we come back to democracy. I had seen democratic, socialist and Islamic systems of my country. After coming to Japan I made comparative study of Japanese and American democratic systems. I observed that compared to America the Japanese system is more transparent, clean and full of confidence. Although they talk of 100 percent literacy in America but the fact is that even in America the literacy is not hundred percent. There the rulers and the people need more education. The Japanese are more educated than Americans. That is they are more civilised and cultured and have better standard of morality and character. The Japanese democracy also consists of highly educated, cultured people and people of high intelligence. And in far distant villages or islands of Japan you will not find a single uneducated person. I want to elaborate one thing here. Japan got its independence in 1948 and by educated person it does not mean here the one who could sign his name or who has passed primary or middle standard. No, In Japan that person is considered as educated who has acquired such a knowledge by which he could participate in the development and progress of the country in a productive manner. Even if he has learnt typing and short hand or knows the vocation of welding. In other words one who has such an education which provides him livelihood and can also pass on his vocation to other people is considered educated and when we say Japanese are hundred percent educated then we mean this definition.
With this background those people who take part in politics are experts in industry, finance, politics, law, international trade and banking. There is not a single person among them who is not educated or has failed for many years in his graduate studies. Here the son does not join politics because his father was an industrialist or a landlord . The standard of Japanese parliamentarians is equal to the best parliamentarians of the world. They elect experts in education and technology to represent the people in the parliament .Japanese people had to learn and practise all this because America had attacked Japan with atomic power. One atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and the other was dropped on Nagasaki where hundred thousands of Japanese citizens were instantly killed and many hundred thousands became invalids due to dangerous diseases. The after effects of American bombs are still persisting on the social, industrial, economical and civil life of Japan. After these attacks Japan fell victim to such a large scale destruction that it became the poorest country of the world. The fertile lands became barren and the industrial life came to a standstill. Neither any thing was available to eat nor clothes were available to wear. For years the Japanese seas had the effects of radioactivity. The result was that even the sea food was not available to Japanese. But the people of Japan did not go to any country to beg for help. The treatment meted out to the conquered countries by the victorious countries after the world war is a part of history. The restrictions imposed on the citizens of Japan are still there. But the people of Japan have participated in the development and reconstruction of the country during the last fifty years not like a single nation rather like a single family. They rehabilitated every inch of Japan. The results of the world war are still fresh in the minds of Japanese but the first thing they did was to develop their industry to the level that Japan which was the poorest country of the world fifty years ago has become the richest country today.. By quality standards the things manufactured in Japan are rated as number one now. In Japan there is no indigenous iron ore but after importing steel, coal, gas and oil they have developed their industry to the extent that today America and Europe are dependent on it and acknowledge its economic superiority. The industrialised countries of the world are shy of competing with Japan and now the Europeans have united together to face its challenge. America wants to divide the world into small regions to restrict them to regional markets rather than a single international market because it can not directly compete with a country like Japan and is searching for secure regions for its trade.


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