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`The book ?Mujhe Pakistan Aane Do? was sent to me by The Nation for review. I found the book quite readable and although at places I did not see eye to eye with the author still I had a feeling that the author is a sincere person and has immense love for his country. In spite of living away from Pakistan for such a long time he had kept himself fully informed of the happenings in the country and had delved deep into the history of the country. His views are not conservative but liberal and he is still engaged in his research for finding the means to put the country back on the track to progress. So when he wrote to me with the desire to translate his book into English I agreed to undertake the venture in the best patriotic spirit.

As the critics would agree with me translation is not a simple art and it is more difficult when we translate from Urdu into English. Both the languages have their own individualistic spirit and diction. The metaphors we write in Urdu are foreign to English and vice versa. In this translation I have tried to remain faithful to the Urdu text and have not tried to add any thing from my side or make any excisions. I have tried to keep the flow of text in tact. I do not know how far I have succeeded. In the end I must say that the ideas contained in this book are Humayun Mughal?s and I have tried to convey them as best as I could.I am grateful to Humayun Mughal for co-operating with me through out this work.

Dr.Afzal Mirza ( Lahore Pakistan)

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