Pakistan Ambassador Farukh Amil Kyūshū Visit

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Ambassador Farukh Amil along with Commercial Counsellor, visited in Kyushu

Mount Aso
is the largest active volcano in Japan, and is among the largest in the world. It stands in Aso Kujū National Park in Kumamoto Prefecture, on the island of Kyūshū. Its peak is 1592 m above sea level. Aso has one of the largest calderas in the world (25 km north-south and 18 km east-west). The caldera has a circumferenc… — with Muhammad Naseer.




Aso Mount

aso5Aso Park



Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل)Meeting with Chairman Fukuoka (FCCI)

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Pakistan Ambassador with Chairman

Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) and Coca-cola west Japan Co Ltd.

Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل) along with Commercial Counsellor, Osaka met with Mr.Norio Sueyoshi (Chairman )Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) to discuss promotion of trade between Pakistan and Japan and seek investment in Pakistan. In the meeting the Ambassador said that the top goal of the Government of Pakistan was to secure investment in priority areas such as infrastructure, energy, transportation, small and medium dams. The Ambassador highlighted that Pakistan is a growing N-11 economy with a strong consumer base located at the crossroads of major economic markets. He outlined to the Chairman that a level playing field should be provided to Pakistan on market access issues. He invited members of FCCI to participate in the upcoming Expo Pakistan 2014 in Karachi.
Chairman FCCI welcomed the visit of the Ambassador to share information about Pakistan. He said continuous interaction would be very productive for business communities in both countries. He expressed keen interest in Pakistan and advised that a country specific seminar on Pakistan be held in conjunction with FCCI at Fukuoka. While explaining the activities of FCCI, he highlighted the role of Fukuoka as the pre-eminent city of Western Japan and a rapidly developing hub in Asia. He supported the Ambassador’s idea to establish institutional linkages between FCCI and its corresponding trade organizations in Pakistan as a way to strengthen and improve respective business interests and awareness.
FCCI (2)

— with Muhammad Naseer.

Humayun Mughal Speech at UN University Tokyo

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Speach Video


Humayun Mughal Speech at UN University Tokyo

Humayun Mughal Speech at Seinan University FUKUOKA

人間の道から神の道へ  国連大学東京 World Shift


Pakistan Ambassador Visited Seinan Gakuin University Fukuoka

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Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل) visited Seinan Gakuin University to deliver a lecture on Pakistan. Earlier he met with the Chancellor and President of the University, Professor Gary Wayne Barkley. They discussed areas of cooperation for promotion of education in Pakistan and in particular the need to establish an institutional linkage between Seinan Gakuin University and a Pakistani University.
Chancellor Barkley briefed the Ambassador on the history and the development of Seinan Gakuin University and preparation being made for its centenary. Appreciating the visit by the Ambassador he agreed to work on establishing academic links with Pakistani Universities. Whilst speaking to the students the Ambassador outlined the historical, political and cultural connection between Pakistan and Japan. He also elaborated on different aspects of Pakistani society and its role in the global world. In particular he highlighted the role of Pakistani community during the Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and the importance and leading role of Pakistan in global peace keeping. The presentation was followed by a lively question answer session.
seinan6seina1Group Photos
Pakistan Embassy Website

— with Muhammad Naseer.

Pakistan Ambassador delivers a lecture at Fukuoka University

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Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل) called on the President of Fukuoka University, Professor Takuya Eto. During the meeting the Ambassador raised the need to develop institutional mechanisms between Fukuoka University and Universities in Pakistan. Outlining appreciation for the Japanese education system, the Ambassador emphasized the importance of exchange of Faculty and students between the two countries in order to deepen understanding. President Fukuoka University agreed and promised to positively pursue the establishment of an MoU between Fukuoka University and a Pakistani counterpart.
Later the Ambassador delivered a lecture to the students and Faculty of the University, which is one of the largest in Western Japan. The interactive gathering was followed by lively question and answer session.
fukudai1Fukudai universtyfudai3fukudai4fukudai5fukudai6
Embassy Pakistan Tokyo

— with Minoru Yamaguchi and 2 others.

Pakistan Ambassador calls on Deputy Mayor of Fukuoka Prefecture

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The Pakistan Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل) called on the Deputy Mayor of Fukuoka City Mr. Atsuhito Sadakari to apprise him about the economic potential of Pakistan and its cultural connection to Japan. He emphasized that frequent exchange of educational and trade delegations would be productive for both countries. Mr. Sadakari thanked the Ambassador for visiting Fukuoka – the main cultural, educational and economic hub of Western Japan.
city2city mayor 1
Pakistan Embassy in Japan パキスタン大使館

Paksiatan Ambassador calls on Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture

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Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل) called on Governor Mr. Hiroshi Ogawa of Fukuoka Prefecture to promote educational, cultural and economic relations between Pakistan and Japan. The Governor highlighted the economic and political significance of Fukuoka Prefecture.  He emphasized the exchange of delegations between the two countries that could open new avenues of cooperation adding that the people of Fukuoka would be interested in the art and culture of Pakistan.





Ambassador of Pakistan in Japan
Mr. Farukh Amil visited Governor Of Fukuoka.Mr.Hiroshi OGAWA.
(Photo) Left Muhammad Naseer, Farukh Amil, Hiroshi Ogawa,Humayun Mughal


(写真)左からムハマド・ナシール在大阪パキスタン・イスラム共和国領事兼商務官、ファルーク・アーミル 駐日パキスタン・イスラム共和国特命全権大使、小川知事、フマユン・ムガール氏(ジャポンメディアビジョン/ジャーナリスト)

In front of Fukuoka Prefecture Officeogawa3


Fukuoka Prefecture Office website

Pakistan Ambassador meets Pakistani Community in Fukuoka

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Ambassador (فاروق عامل)Farukh Amil alongwith Consul Osaka Muhammad Naseer held meeting with the leading members of the Pakistani community based in Fukuoka Prefecture. The Ambassador informed the community members of the Embassy’s outreach efforts including Consular Camps across cities in Japan, with one planned for Fukuoka; proposed joint meetings of the local Chamber of Commerce with local Pakistani businessmen in various cities across Japan; and responding to many queries, continuous efforts to secure the Machine Readable Passport facility for Pakistani citizens residing in Japan.

Pakistani Businessmans