Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل)Meeting with Chairman Fukuoka (FCCI)

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Pakistan Ambassador with Chairman

Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) and Coca-cola west Japan Co Ltd.

Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل) along with Commercial Counsellor, Osaka met with Mr.Norio Sueyoshi (Chairman )Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) to discuss promotion of trade between Pakistan and Japan and seek investment in Pakistan. In the meeting the Ambassador said that the top goal of the Government of Pakistan was to secure investment in priority areas such as infrastructure, energy, transportation, small and medium dams. The Ambassador highlighted that Pakistan is a growing N-11 economy with a strong consumer base located at the crossroads of major economic markets. He outlined to the Chairman that a level playing field should be provided to Pakistan on market access issues. He invited members of FCCI to participate in the upcoming Expo Pakistan 2014 in Karachi.
Chairman FCCI welcomed the visit of the Ambassador to share information about Pakistan. He said continuous interaction would be very productive for business communities in both countries. He expressed keen interest in Pakistan and advised that a country specific seminar on Pakistan be held in conjunction with FCCI at Fukuoka. While explaining the activities of FCCI, he highlighted the role of Fukuoka as the pre-eminent city of Western Japan and a rapidly developing hub in Asia. He supported the Ambassador’s idea to establish institutional linkages between FCCI and its corresponding trade organizations in Pakistan as a way to strengthen and improve respective business interests and awareness.
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— with Muhammad Naseer.


One Response to “Ambassador Farukh Amil (فاروق عامل)Meeting with Chairman Fukuoka (FCCI)”
  1. farhana tabassum says:

    gr8 and thankful to Mr.Norio Sueyoshi (Chairman )Fukuo for having keen interest in pakistan business and the development work for Pakistan. and inshallah continuous interaction really would be vry productive for both countries. thats all just bcz of our
    Ambassador MR Farukh Amil. THANKS SIR allah give u more strength to do work for pakistan . thanks.

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