British Lord Nazir Ahmed and Humayun Mughal speech at Japenese Parliament

British Lord Nazir Ahmed and Humayun Mughal

Speech at Japanese Parliament conference


(Tokyo Japan) Lord Ahmed speaking at the Japan Parliament said that ” ISIS has nothing to do with Islam as much as the Buddhist monks who kill Muslims in Burma and Sri Lanka have nothing to do with that religion . He said that the Christian Lords Army in Africa kills innocent people and Christians in Central African Republic have driven Muslims out of their homes. These evil people use peaceful religions of Islam , Buddhism and Christianity for their violent ambitions .
Lord Ahmed analysed the failure of the Arab Spring in Libya , Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia and the civil war in Syria and Iraq… He compared the Christian war from 1618-1648 in Europe and expressed fears of Shia /Sunni conflict going on in the Muslim world today…
He called for the reform of the UN Security Council and strongly demanded peacemaking role of the UN in war-torn areas .. Lord Ahmed asked Japan to play an active role in peacemaking in the Middle East .
He praised their $1.4 billion for the Palestinians over some years..  090-9791-3557


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