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Japan Interfaith councial

“If we look beyond our differences, together we can benefit individuals, families and society — by “Building Bridges of Cooperation and Service”
Arranged By Administration Of The Church of Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him)
of Latter-day Saints (Tokyo Japan)  (9th June 2015) Hotel Gajoen Meguro Tokyo.

1 13— TOKYO, JAPAN —This theme welcomed interfaith leaders to Meguro Gajoen, a beautiful reception center in the Tokyo area. Guests were greeted by the Asia North Area Presidency and other local leaders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.The dinner’s goal was to build bridges of understanding and tolerance to help religious leaders in this area work together in interfaith cooperation and service.
We all Human Beings is one Family, we need to love each.
“Al-Qur’an” Chapter 49, Hujraat, Verse 13. “Bible” Leviticus, Chapter 19, Verse34