Pakistan Embassy Tokyo appreciate the Interfaith Event

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The Patriotism?

I love Pakistan 。I love Japan.
Love your country,Love your God and God will Love you.
Do something for your country then country will love and appreciate you.
I did my some efforts to produce Interfaith Event at Pakistan embassy Tokyo.
And now I am thankful to Pakistan embassy to appreciate this work.
Next time Lets do together something for Pakistan.
Now I am Learning many-things from japan.
Japan is a country that has been loved by God more then 2676 years.
Why Japanese people ?
Some Nice words are here.
Conduct yourself the right way and expand that mind( Heart of goodness)to protect this country Japan.
(First Emperor Jinmubu Tenno )
Why Japanese People ?
示 +申 = 神 (神道の心からの学び)

Pakistan Embassy Inter-faith Harmony Event 2016

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0224(Tokyo )Inter-faith Harmony Event 2016
Connecting Pakistan Japan through Message of Peace and Harmony
in Faith, Art and Culture
The Pakistan Embassy Tokyo in collaboration with the Japanese NPO Japan Media Vision organized an Event under theme of “Connecting Pakistan Japan through Peace and Harmony in Faith Art and Culture” to promote peace and harmony. The Event was attended by prominent Parliamentarians including Mr. Antonio Inoki and Mr. Makoto Oniki, people from different faiths (Tokyo Jami Imam )Muhammad Rasit, (Shinshojouji temple Tokyo )
Chief Buddhist Priest Yoshida Nikko, Kumamoto Heitate Shrine Shinto Priest Haruki Shinya and Catholic Priest Mukengeshayi Matata) leading Interfaith Scholars, Heads of Mission, diplomats, notable members of Civil Society, the Media and students of international School of Sacred Heart and Aoyama Gakuin.
Honourable First Lady Akie Abe and respectable Mr. Fushimi Hiroaki Denka graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively.
The Event commenced with National Anthems of Pakistan and Japan followed by spiritual music of famous singer Abida Parveen, traditional Japanese music ( Tenchi Gagaku by Rev.Kazuya Kujime and Group), songs by Mrs. Erika Colon de Ishikawa and Ms. Mughal Yurina. Later, representatives of different faiths and interfaith scholars read the messages of peace. The Chief Guests presented letters of appreciation to 5 Inter-faith Scholars.
Multiculturalism Encouragement to
1.Marcestel Make France
2.Joe Iron Eagle USA
3.Judith Carpenter Australia
4.Joko Akira Japan
5.Humayun Mughal Pakistan
Mrs. Akie Abe expressed her deep pleasure and appreciation for the commendable efforts of the Pakistan Embassy and stated that it was essential to nurture and promote message of unity, interfaith and peace.
Mr.Fushimi Hiroaki Denka highlighted deep-rooted relationship between the peoples of the two countries and especially underlined Pakistan’s position on treating Japan with dignity and respect at the San Francisco Peace Conference in 1951. He expressed hope that the Ceremony would be the new step to cultivate a deep mutual understanding and contribute to the World Peace.
Ambassador Farukh Amil highlighted Quaid-e Azam’s (Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah) vision of moderate, democratic, pluralist and tolerant Pakistan that is inclusive of all religions, ethnicities especially minorities. He said the present wise and democratic leadership was committed to the vision of Quaid- e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and taking concerted measures to promote interfaith harmony and dialogue.