Ambassador Farukh Amil Works for Peace & Love

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Embassy of Pakistan Tokyo Events

Ambassador Farukh Amil farewell Party 2017 and public diplomacy works videos.

Farukh Amil Ambassador UN Geneva : Voice for Peace in Kashmeer

He joined Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1984.

He holds BSc Honours degree in Physical Geography from University of Manchester; MSc. in Transportation Planning and Management from PLC/University of Westminster, London and Masters Degree in Law & Diplomacy (MALD) from the Fletcher School, USA where he also completed the PhD Comprehensive Examinations. He has also undertaken the National Security War Course at the National Defence University, Islamabad.

He had various diplomatic assignments in Pakistan Missions abroad -Cairo (Second Secretary, 1992-1995), Ankara, (First Secretary, 1995-1999), Washington (Political Counsellor, 2002-2006) and Pakistan Mission to the United Nations in New York (Ambassador/Deputy Permanent Representative, 2006-2009).

He served at Headquarters at Desk Officer, India/UN (1986-1991), Director, UN/Africa (1999-2002) and Additional Secretary, Foreign Affairs at the Presidency (2010-2011).

He served at the Foreign Ministry as Director General (CWC National Authority/Disarmament). since February 2012.

He served as Ambassador to Japan from February 2012 until March 2017.

He is serving as the Permanent Representative United Nation since April 2017.

Ambassador Farukh Amil visit to Fukuoka 2017 interview

Urdu interview H E Mr Farukh AMIL

Ambassador Farukh AMIL winner Grand Prize English

Nilofer Bakhtyar & Ambassador Farukh AMIL

Lions club Pakistan in Fukuoka parade Nilofer Bakhtyar exclusive talk with Ambassador Farukh AMIL at embassy of Pakistan tokyo.

Ambassador Farukh Amil Visit to Fukuoka :Urdu

Ambassador’s visit to Fukuoka
The Ambassador H E Mr. Farukh Amil visited Fukuoka and held a variety of meetings. In a detailed interaction at the office of the Mayor he met with his entire team dealing with International Relations and Education. He recalled his previous visit to Fukuoka in connection with the Fukuoka Prize which had been awarded to Ms. Yasmin Lari. He agreed that the city was International in orientation and welcomed their commitment to expand educational and trade links with Pakistan. Separately the Ambassador met with academics, researchers and the business community and shared views on Prime Minister’s vision of “Peaceful Neighbourhood” alongwith many economic and educational opportunities that exist in a rapidly growing Pakistan. The Ambassador also held a community meeting and joined Friday Prayers in Al-Noor Islamic Centre Fukuoka. The Ambassador outlined the recent important visits from Pakistan. He urged the Community to ensure that their children pursued education in order to become a valuable bridge between Japan and Pakistan. The Ambassador reiterated his support for Community’s proposal to establish a Muslim graveyard. Community Leaders promised to send a collective petition / proposal so that the Embassy will take up this very important matter with the concerned Japanese authorities.

 Abe Akie First Lady at Embassy of Pakistan Tokyo

Ambassador Farukh Amil warm welcoming the  First Lady  Abe Akie and Imperial family members at Inter-faith  Event 2016 Embassy of Paksitan.

Pakistan’s many firsts in Japan

Imtiaz Gul reports on the many initiatives taken by Pakistan’s diplomatic mission to Tokyo in laying the foundations for bilateral ties.

Japanese artist and actor Tsurutaro Kataoka as chief guest at the event “Artists in Residence” along with Ambassador Farukh Amil and Pakistani artists Ilona Yusuf, Alia Bilgrami, Amna, Imran, Jibran, Seyhr and Sheherbano.

Contemporary Japan represents a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, social ‘patience’ and breakneck technological change, professional workaholism and rich, elaborate culture. Often, these attributes, coupled with politeness of tone, softness of demeanour and the general cleanliness of the surroundings, leave the Pakistani visitor baffled. While it is home to the some of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies, it has found space for cultural values, some of which date back millenia. Self-respect, dignity, and deference to others are some of the hallmarks of this society. Japanese people grow up picking up the subtleties of this unique, seemingly complicated culture as they go through life, respecting the invisible and varied societal rules. In Japan, multiple religions coexist: people are born Shinto, get married Christian and die Buddhist. Manners and customs are an important part of many facets of daily Japanese life.

Negotiating these niceties represents a huge challenge, particularly for people traveling from South and Southwest Asia. The same holds true for most diplomats based in Japan, who have to navigate through a sea of self-effacing but confident and self-respecting Japanese bureaucracy and business. You have to be really innovative, bold and confident to connect with the locals, particularly when you represent a country whose image hardly inspires confidence in a risk-shy society. Pakistan’s current ambassador to Tokyo, Farukh Amil, seems to have done exactly this. He has tried to offer a dimension of the country that is usually less known abroad: soft power via culture and performing arts from a culturally diverse country.

Commemorating the victims of the 2005 earthquake, the Embassy of Pakistan in Tokyo in collaboration with Paper Miracles and Mainichi Shimbun organised a “Paper Miracles Exhibition”. The Exhibition showcased a wide range of products made by women of the affected areas including exquisite jewelry, ornaments and home textile collections. Additionally, photographs taken after the earthquake by Mr. Kenjiro Sato were also displayed

The NEC and Mitsui Corporations brought young Pakistanis from small towns to Japan for internships

Projecting Pakistan’s soft image – unlike the perception of the country – is a daunting task that Ambassador Amil took upon himself and arguably he has ended up achieving many firsts as far as Pakistan-Japan relations are concerned: reaching out to over 52 universities, dozens of business CEOs, the Royal family and numerous artists. He even opened the doors of his residence to visiting scholars, artists and students to facilitate their stay, free of cost. Clearly, this was a diplomat driven by the passion of his mission. And in this way the Ambassador and his team have been able to achieve many firsts in terms of bilateral relations.


Welcoming Akie Abe (sixth from the right), wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as the chief guest at an Interfaith event with representatives from the Buddhist, Shintoist, Catholic and Islamic faiths

For the first time in history, a member of the Imperial Family, Princess Takamado, inaugurated the Calligraphy Exhibition by Lt. General(Retd.)/Ambassador Humayun Bangash. Princess Takamado drew comparisons with traditional Japanese calligraphy and appreciated its meaning and beauty. Subsequently one of the artworks was gifted to her, which is now placed in the Imperial Palace. Later the same Calligraphy Exhibition was also held at the Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Arts and the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture Mr. Toshizo Ido graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The embassy organised, for the first time, a two-week Artists-in-Residence Art Exhibition with young artists of Pakistan, who created inspiring work, showing a fusion of cultural motifs from Japan and Pakistan. The famous Japanese artist and actor Mr. Tsurutaro Kataoka graced the occasion as Chief Guest.

Princess Takamado, as the Guest of Honour, inaugurates the Calligraphy Exhibition at the Pakistan Embassy

For the first time, also, in the history of the Embassy, the Japanese First Lady Madam Akie Abe, wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, attended a unique event “Connecting Pakistan and Japan through Peace and Harmony in Faith, Art and Culture” to promote peace, harmony, love and tolerance. The First Lady was particularly enthused by the Pakistani Prime Minister and President attending the Diwali, Christmas and Easter celebrations in Pakistan. The First Lady caused quite a stir when she shared photographs of the event with tens of thousands of her followers on social media.

Earlier, the embassy was able to convey strong messages of interfaith love and harmony within Pakistan through visits to Tokyo of Syed Muhammad Abu-ul-Khabir Azad, the khateeb of the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore and the Reverend Dr. James Channan OP, Director of the Peace Centre and Archbishop of Lahore.

Antonio Inoki

Antonio Inoki, literally and figuratively a giant of the world of wrestling, has a special place in the heart of Pakistan’s enthusiasts of the sport.

Lahore Event

The diplomatic mission organised a series of events

to celebrate the arrival of the Chaunsa mango in Japan

In the last four years or so, the Ambassador consciously promoted interactive sessions between Pakistani and Japanese academics, proving intellectuals from both countries with a platform to exchange ideas. The Presidents and CEOs of major Japanese corporations were persuaded to hire young Pakistanis to work as trainees. As a result, the NEC and Mitsui Corporations brought young Pakistanis to Japan for internships. The focus has been on encouraging youth from smaller towns of Pakistan, so that the relatively disadvantaged can be brought into the mainstream of economic activity in Pakistan. The embassy also launched an internship programme with over 50 students from top Japanese universities, which created a new research resource within the diplomatic mission at no cost and simultaneously propagated Pakistani perspectives amongst the Japanese students. Students from villages, small towns and cities in Pakistan were invited and hosted at the Pakistan Residence and they were provided opportunities such as visiting important sites and meeting high-profile luminaries including the First Lady of Japan, as well as living legends and Nobel laureates in physics and chemistry during their study tour. Moreover, a programme of Skype interaction between the Ambassador and schoolchildren in Pakistan was also initiated, which was widely appreciated

Above all, perhaps, Pakistan’s ‘king of fruits’, the mango, was made available in Japan after years of effort, resulting for the first time in exports from 2014 onwards. The diplomatic mission also organised a series of events to celebrate the arrival of the Chaunsa mango in different places in Japan.

The list of  ‘many firsts’ also includes visits by inspirational individuals who have a marvellous story to tell  such as a the mountaineer Samina Baig, leading entrepreneur and philanthropist Seema Aziz and prominent media and literary personality Moneeza Hashmi – who was awarded the prestigious Japan Prize 2015 (the President of the NHK prize) for tremendous achievements in educational media. The politician of Japanese heritage Hameeda Waheeduddin and Yasmeen Lari were also involved. The latter became the recipient of the prestigious Fukuoka Prize in a ceremony presided over by the Emperor’s son and daughter-in-law, Prince and Princess Akishino. In short, this was a series of interpersonal interactions which collectively highlighted the vibrancy and strengths of a modern and progressing Pakistan.

And such a “list of firsts” would have been incomplete without the famous wrestler Antonio Inoki; taking advantage of his fame and current status as a member of the Japanese parliament, Pakistan appointed Inoki as its Goodwill Ambassador for Sports Diplomacy.

Imtiaz Gul

Pakistan’s many firsts in Japan


人生トーク 村岡 康孝 無我チャン

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人生トーク 村岡 康孝 無我チャン 人生色々。


ノーカット ビデオ リンク

Interfaith dinner Iftar Tokyo 2017

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“If we look beyond our differences, together we can benefit individuals, families and society — by “Building Bridges of Cooperation and Service”
Arranged By Administration Of The Church of Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him) of Latter-day Saints (Tokyo Japan)  (6th June 2017) Hotel Gajoen Meguro  TOKYO, JAPAN .
This theme welcomed interfaith leaders to Meguro Gajoen, a beautiful reception center in the Tokyo area. Guests were greeted by the Asia North Area Presidency and other local leaders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.The dinner’s goal was to build bridges of understanding and tolerance to help religious leaders in this area work together in interfaith cooperation and service.
We all Human Beings is one Family, we need to love each.
“Al-Qur’an” Chapter 49, Hujraat, Verse 13. “Bible” Leviticus, Chapter 19, Verse34

Luis and Mughal Nokonoshima Beach Party2017

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Luis and Mughal nokonoshimaBeach

Farukh Amil Ambassador UN Geneva

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Farukh Amil Ambassador UN Geneva Voice for Peace in Kashmeer

شکریہ فاروق عامل صاحب مستقل مندوب اقوام متحدہ و
سابق سفیر پاکستان ٹوکیو
مسلہ کشمیر پر جینئوا میں بات کرتے ھوے